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USB Serial Adapter, small, compact made for the traveling professionalAlso see our compact USB Serial Adapter (Only 16" end to end) great for the traveler.
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USB to Serial Adapter Cable 6ft. for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista 32/64-bit!

Want to connect your GPS to your PC but don't have a 9-pin serial port connection? This cable will get you hooked. Using this converter cable and the PC interface cable for your unit, you can transfer maps, waypoints, routes and tracks between MapSource and your GPS. USB to RS232 converter cable your computer shows it like a standard COM port.


Converts a USB Port into a 9-pin male RS-232 serial port capable of speeds up to 230,400 bps.

USB Port to Serial Cable Connection


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Features & Specification of the USB to Serial Cable

  • DB9 (9-pin male) serial connector
  • Easy plug-and-play installation (hot plug compatible)
  • Installed as a standard Windows COM port, Full RS-232 modem control signals, RS-232 data signals; TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, RI, GND
  • Serial Port Speed up to 230,400 bps
  • USB cable of 6 feet (1.8 meters) included
  • No external power source needed, powered by the USB Port itself
  • Supports Windows 98, ME,2000,2003,XP and VISTA!
  • Includes Manual and Drivers on disk
  • Works in conjunction with other usb adapters without conflict
The USB to serial adapter cable is designed to make serial port expansion quick and hassle free. Connecting to a USB Port on your PC, laptop or USB hub, the USB to serial adapter instantly adds a serial communication port to your system. By taking advantage of the USB bus, the USB to serial adapter makes it easier than ever to add serial ports and serial devices to your system with easy plug-and-play and hot plug features.The USB to serial RS-232 9 pin serial adapter located on the end of the USB to serial port cableadapter is automatically detected when plugged into the USB port with no IRQ or COM port conflicts, this is because it requires no additional IRQ, DMA, or memory as resources on the system.

The USB to Serial Cable connecting as it would to the serial port on the back of the PC

Using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface with a standard RS-232 serial port functions exactly like an additional serial port when connected to a PC through a USB port. Also, it requires no battery because the power is supplied directly by the USB interface.

The USB Serial Adapter provides instant connectivity with modems, ISDN TAs, PDS, handheld & pocket PCs, digital cameras, POS, serial printers, etc. It is suitable for remote access, retail and industrial applications, data collection and other applications requiring a high speed serial communications port.

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Windows XP window showing modem found and installed through the usb to serial cableIn Windows XP your legacy serial modem will be recognized and installed via the USB to Serial Cable. Once connected go to your Control Panel and select Printers and Other Hardware. Once there select Phone and Modem Options and then chose add on the modem window. Windows XP does the rest and installs the proper drivers once the modem has been found.

Just to make sure your connected to the modem after it has been installed, select query modem, the result will tell you that you were successful in the communication between your computer and modem. You do not have to have a phone cord connected to the modem for the computer to communicate with the modem, this is only necessary if your going to connect directly to the Internet via your service provider, basically this gives you opportunity to travel with a modem,usb to serial cable working with a US Robotics 56k fax modem set it up and make sure it's working before you've connected to the Internet with it.

The manual provided on disk goes through a step by step instruction with screen shots for proper install on MAC and Windows environments.

usb to serial cable testimonialWith the usb to serial cable being six feet in length it gave me plenty of room to move around. Figuring in that the serial cable to the modem I used to test this usb device is also six feet long I was able to connect to my laptop or PC and not really worry about where in proximity to the computer I was. The only thing I have to worry about was where the outlet was to power up the modem was.

Windows XP had no problem finding the modem through the usb to serial cable, also had no problem following through with the install and recognition of the modem. I queried the modem after it was installed and was successful in the data transmission. Above I tried to show the querying of the modem by showing the red lights as you can see in the row of lights, there are two red lights lit, this was the query action of the computer to the modem through the usb to serial cable. Here's a cool thing about this usb to serial cable and also proved the lack of conflicts in the IRQ's. I used this usb to serial cable with the usb serial adapter and had absolutely no conflict because the way in which usb devices work, there was nothing to conflict with. When installing the modem through the usb to serial cable, a 4th COM Port was created through the cable itself.

I would recommend this device:

Traveling or not, I would say that this comes in pretty handy, you can carry your modem around with you along with your other serial connection devices and use them anywhere you like, if using a modem such as I did here, you just need the phone jack. As I have said above, I had no problem on either the PC or laptop because of the lengths of cables being used, I actually had the modem about 5 feet away from me when connecting everything. When I was putting everything away, I just wound up the usb to serial cable into a compact travel size of about 4 inches in diameter and put it in my bag.

Your low price at $17.89    Order the USB to Serial Cable Now!

Also Available in Adapter Verison with Short 12 inch extension cable, This Usb to serial Adapter is a great addition to any notebook or laptop user.

USB Serial Adapter for Windows XP

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