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USB Port serial adapter is USB certified

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Universal serial bus to serial adapter

Utilizing yesterday's legacy devices with today's technology!

The past working with the future, use your PDA, Digital Camera, Modem, Mobile Phones or other serial devices with the USB SERIAL ADAPTER.
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These cables are longer with data transfer speeds of up to 400 bps and are fully compliant with USB specification v1.1 and USB CDC v1.1 supporting the RS232 Serial Interface.

Also compatible with Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP and 100% IMac compatible.


USB Port serial adapter

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USB serial adapter FEATURES

  • OVER 500 kbps Data Transfer
  • No Power Adapter Required (Draws power from USB Bus)
  • Works with Modems, PDA's, Cell phones, Digital Cameras and more serial legacy devices
  • No IRQs to assign, NO IRQ Conflicts
  • Compatible with: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP / MAC 8.6, 9.0, 9.1
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Use your Laptop or Desktop computer to synchronize your PDA, Digital Camera, Cell Phone or other device currently using a serial port with this USB Serial Adapter. Connect your serial devices (RS-232) to the newer computer equipment that supports USB. This adapter adds a serial port to the computer, laptop, or tablet PC via a hot plug compatible USB connector. Through an existing USB Port the usb serial adapter can be utilized to work with your legacy serial connections. It's great for newer technologies with no serial port connections.

Turn your older serial port devices into devices working wth new technology with a usb to serail adapter
Example devices the USB Serial Adapter can be used with

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At just over 16 inches in length from end to end the USB Serial Adapter's compact features include an insulated braided jacket surrounded by a clear flexible tubing allowing the adapter to be rolled up into a compact size of no more that 4 inches in diameter, slip it into you briefcase, laptop bag or pocket for easy convenient travel. The USB Serial Adapter also is produced in an attractive translucent case and plug jacket.

usb serial adapter connected to a laptop which does not include a serial port as it configuration Shown here is a Compaq Presario 3000 series notebook which does not include a serial port as part of its configuration. The serial cable you see connected to it is from a Kodak digital camera which was used to produce the image as you see it. With this connection via the USB Example of camera connected through the USB Serial AdapterSerial Adapter the image was uploaded to to the notebook which otherwise would not have been possible as a direct connect. The set up as you see is simple, quick and easy as you travel for business or pleasure.

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Testimonial for the USB Serial AdapterThere's a lot to be said for this little jewel. Extremely easy to set up and install drivers. Simple plug and play recognition and hot plug compatibility. So compact that it basically hides itself in the pocket of your laptop carrier or briefcase. Versatility between serial devices being used such as modems, digital camera, printers and more. Personally I used this to upload all images on my laptop because it doesn't have a serial port which is what I need if I'm going to use my camera, especially while traveling. I'm no longer reaching around my desktop to find the serial port, buy leaving this plugged into the the USB port of the computer I save myself both time and hassle with connections.

It's my opinion that this is a great item to have on hand if for nothing else to give your existing equipment more versatility and easier connections.

Bob Boisvert..Web Professional

usb serial adapter windows compatibility

Compatible with MAC 8.6/9.0/9.1

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction